In Safe Hands

What We Do?

Green Pastures Care Services provides care and support to adults from with learning disability and autism spectrum disorders from the age of 18 years and above. We offer support to patients funded by the NHS, Social Services, Self funding clients or those managing their own care funds by way of a Personal Health Budget (PHB) from the NHS and Direct Payments From Social Services.

Our promise is to promote independence and choice. We pride ourselves on offering care and support to young people with mild to severe learning disability, transitioning into adulthood and offer supported living care in self-contained flats with 5-6 flats per each dwelling.

We also care for young adults with mild to severe challenging behaviour due to Autism spectrum disorders and sensory impairment. 1:1 support or 2:1 support is available, depending on severity of behaviour.  

We offer individualised care to service users with epilepsy due learning disability. Our highly trained support workers are able to support service users fior a few hours, long hours, night care or 24 hour care depending on their choice and care plans tailored to their own individual needs.  We will support  your loved ones  and keep them safe as our care is evidence based following NICE guidelines regarding service users with epilepsy. 

We also care for patients with complex challenging behaviour and will promote posite behavioural therapy and integration in the society and will support service users to live as independent a life as they aspire and as our care is centred around choice and fostering independence. We also support service users with acquired brain injury due to neurological conditions and those with physical disabilities ansd sensory impairment.  

We have a team of highly trained staff who are dedicated and caring to meet the needs of service users and we continue to invest in staff training and development so that we can meet high standards of care and support that service users deserve. 

Our Services

Green Pastures Care Services covers Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London. We are committed to delivering outstanding care and support, putting the needs of our service users, their families and our support team at the heart of everything we do. We want our service users to live the life they want, promoting their independence and dignity in the comfort of their own homes.

The personal choices and independence of our service users are at the forefront of the care and support we provide, and our care is “outcome focused” meaning that we support service users to achieve what they want – whether that is going for a swim; wheeled to sit out in the garden; or being assisted to access their local community for leisure, work or educational purposes.  

We pride ourselves at investing in our staff training and offer market leading comprehensive training and on-going support in accordance with the ethos of our company values, which is to provide the highest quality of care to people in their own private self-contained flats.

Supported Living 

Green Pastures Care Services recognises that young adults with Learning Disability transitioning into adulthood need reliable and consistent care to support them in order for them to live as independently as possible. We structure all our services around individual needs. We believe that every person and their family have a right to a reliable and consistent support and care services that provides trained and experienced support workers whom they are able to build positive relationships with.

Every young adult with learning disability has a right to a secure and supportive structure and should have equal opportunities to access services in the community like any other person. We offer independence and choice even from the type of accommodation we provide; self-contained flats that comes fully furnished to a very high specification. Service users can furnish their apartments with own choice of furniture if they wish to do so. 

We strive to support all our service users to achieve their goals and aspirations. We treat all service users, families and staff with dignity and respect in a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental attitude.  

Complex Needs

Green Pastures Care provides support for a range of clients with learning disability and autism who have complex needs. 

We understand that being diagnosed with a disability or condition that manifests in having complex needs can be incredibly daunting. It can be especially difficult for a family to watch their loved one struggle with everyday activities.

But, when we work with people with complex needs, we don’t just look at what restricts them; instead, we focus on what they just look at what restricts them; instead, we focus on what they want to achieve and develop ways we can help them to fulfil those goals. Whether it’s the smallest of tasks, like being able to eat with a knife and fork, or a more specific lifelong goal, like learning to cook, our staff will find ways to ensure that, however profound an individual’s disabilities, they can safely and successfully learn new skills.

Our approach is to give you control of your care by placing you at the centre of the process. The most important thing is getting the right support staff on board as they will be working with you day to day. 

Epilepsy Care

Green Pastures Care Services understand the importance of spending the last treasured moments with loved ones and we will ensure a positive and comforting experience for you and your loved ones.

Most patients now wish to remain at home for end of life care, and we are dedicated to providing a comfortable, professional and compassionate care service for you or your loved one during the final stages of life. Allowing our clients to remain at home surrounded by loved ones is our number one priority, and our specially trained team are here to support you and your family through the end of life journey. Our carers are dedicated to creating a compassionate and positive environment for the whole family, and you can rest assured that your loved one will be comfortable and in the best hands during their last stage of life.

Green Pastures Care prides itself to be led by a former Specialist Palliative Care Nurse, and one of our Palliative Care Coordinators will arrange a thorough care assessment to fully understand how we can best support you or your loved one as well as the needs of your family. We will work with you to devise a care support plan that is holistic in nature to ensure all last wishes are respected in a sensitive manner as it is a very difficult time in which we continue to support the family going through the grieving process. Our promise is that we will be there for you all the way to the end!  

Transition Support

Our transition support is designed to help individuals enjoy a smooth transition through major life changes: for example, through the move from children’s to adult services, or from the family home or residential college to independent living.
If your child receives social care support, they will be entitled to receive it until they reach 18. At that point, their care and support needs will be planned and provided by adult social care services.
The transition from children to adult services marks the start of the next phase of a youngster’s life. It’s a huge step for everyone involved. You’ll all need to get used to different services and places, working with a new group of people, possibly dealing with a big change in living arrangements, and – often most difficult of all – navigating a whole new system of support.
All this comes at a time when, like all their peers, your teenager is trying to establish their own ‘new’ identity as a young adult. As a parent or carer, you’ll no doubt have your own feelings and worries about how they’ll cope in the world as they gain more independence.
With a full understanding of an individual’s needs and abilities we create practical solutions to match and support their aspirations. Delivering individually tailored support around everything from employment to social activities, communication and interaction skills in consistent and stable environments. From this simple foundation we enable each person to develop the abilities they need to move on to the next stage in their lives. We work to ensure their support constantly evolves and adapts around them to meet their changing needs and goals. It’s all about developing skills, achieving independence and enjoying life to the full. It’s delivering support to help individuals achieve the quality of life that everyone deserves.

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