Green Pastures Care was established by Julie, who is the registered manager with a nursing background and years of experience of working for the NHS (CCGs) Clinical Commissioning Groups.  Our service provides bespoke supported living to people with learning disability who transitions into adult services or those leaving residential care and wants to live in the community with support to be part of the community, gain independence and have the freedom to choose to live in their own flat at their own terms and with the support. We ensure that our service ticks all the boxes for right care and support, right location and accommodation and their rights to access their local community like any other citizen. 

Having worked in both Acute and Community Nursing settings, as a Registered Nurse at senior level and in various Clinical Commissioning Groups as part of the decision-making panel for the commissioning of care in the NHS and Local Authority under the Social Care Act 2014,  she believes that she can offer a service with a difference, taking into account the diverse needs of families with  youths with learning disability transitioning into adult services; service users with autistic spectrum disorders with complex needs who need skilled support workers to meet their needs. We support people with learning disability from 18-70 years and those who are in residential settings, but now wish to live in their local community with support.  Our ethos of care is to provide choice and independence and provide care tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Julie has extensive experience having worked with Looked After Children (LAC) transitioning to adult service and most of them under Court of Protection and having to find the right placement where they would continue to be supported and feel safe and be a part of the community.  She is passionate about the afeguarding of vulnerable adults and feels honoured to be in a position to provide a supported living service full of compassion and empathy to those who are not able to care for themselves or need support to lead as normal a life as possible with inclusion in their local community. She believes that every individual has a right to privacy, dignity and respect of their wish for a preferred place of care. 

The aim of Green Pastures supported living services is to provide a bespoke service which offers compassionate care and reassurance, and at the same time offering the absolute highest quality care and support that people have the right to receive. Green Pastures Supported Living services aims to be fully compliant with CQC regulations to provide the 3Rs:


Our model of care ensures that people with learning disability has the right support to meet their needs. 

  • Our robust assessment and care planning ensure that service users’ packages of care are adequate to provide the right support that is safe to both the service user and support worker.
  • We work closely with CCGs and local authorities and hold regular reviews to ensure that packages of care continues to meet the service user’s care needs and where increase in need is identified communication with commissioners is expedited to ensure safety of our service users and the staff.
  • On-going training of staff is provided to ensure that they have the right skills to meet the needs of service-users 
  • We believe that people with learning disability and autism have the right to choose where and with whom they want tio live with- including a choice of housing.
  • We offer self-contained flats as we believe that people with learning disability and autism have the right to privacy and should not be compelled to live in a shared house, if they wish to live in their own self-contained flat. 
  • We facilitate the right support according to their choice and will plan their care according to how they wish to be supported. Care planning is cordinated with them, family, advocates and staff to ensure that the support is adequate, safe, and delivered according to their choice.  
  • We ensure that service users  have good care and support from mainstream NHS services, using NICE guidelines and quality standards and ensure they are supported to maintain regular health and dental  checks.



Our model of care is person-centred and promote the dignity,  privacy and human rights of our service users.

  • Care and support is person-centered: personalised, coordinated, and empowering to service users.
  • Our supported living model is developed in partnership with service users and care coordinators.
  • Care and support is person-centred, planned, proactive and coordinated, Preventative measures and and early intervention strategies are formulated where risks are identified. 

  • Our service focus on equality and eliminating inequalities that previously existed against people with learning disabilty. We ensure that their care plan is based on choice and inclusion in their local community as much as they wish to be involved and fully supported and empowered to meet their expectations of inclusion.
  • Choice, inclusion and independence outcomes for service users is a joint effort of the service users and care co-ordinators by working in partnership, with evidence suggesting that this provides better service user outcomes. 


The ethos, values, attitudes and behaviours of Green Pastures Management and staff ensure that service users using our supported living services lead confident, inclusive and empowered lives.

  • We have a rigorous recruitment process and fine selection of candidates, high quality training, support and detailed care planning. Our staff are very passionate about delivering care and highly motivated. 
  • We continue to improve our services by continuing to get feedback from our service users, their families and support staff. Our planning processes involves the service user, family and advocate input ensuring the service user feels in control at all times. 
  • We offer service users real choices which they are encouraged to choose for themselves.
  • Our team of support workers come from a variety of backgrounds, with skills and experience in caring for service users with complex care needs and challenging behaviour. 
  • Our care coordinators continue to improve quality of care by staff supervision, staff training and also use service user meetings to gauge the experience of care delivered to them and any suggestions, compliments and complaints are followed up and concerns raised addressed and we use this information to adjust and improve our quality of care.
  • Our staff undertake a full training programme and go through all necessary recruitment checks including right to work in the UK, a full DBS disclosure and satisfactory reference checking before they begin work.
  • Our organisation is non-disctrimninatory and 
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against service users, their families or our staff and we treat every individual with respect and dignity.
  • Our staff continually conduct extensive and effective training and are supported to deliver safe and effective care.  

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