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Green Pastures Care ltd Services
Health is about getting the very best lifelong care!

Whether you are looking for a nursing home, residential home or care in your own home, Green Pastures Care is here for you. Green Pastures Care Services provide safe, secure and specialist care across the UK. Our operations started in the local communities and we have been expanding our care business portfolio and have acquired residential and nursing homes across the UK. Here are the services we specialise in

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Nursing care

For those who need 24-hour support, our nursing care offers you round-the-clock access to nurses. They’ll take care of you, no matter what.

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Residential care

If you’re looking for support with day-to-day life, our residential care services offer peace of mind. Trained staff will prepare delicious meals for you, do the cleaning, and even help you with personal care. We also support those with Learning disability and Autism to access the community for health appointments, shopping, leisure activities, college or work.

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Dementia care

Many of our care homes welcome those with early-onset or advanced dementia. Whether you need residential dementia care or nursing dementia care, we’re here to keep you safe and comfortable.

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Palliative care

If you’re seriously ill, ensuring the best possible quality of life is invaluable. Our palliative nursing care provides dedicated 24-hour support when needed most, in a calm and peaceful environment.

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Respite care

Short-stay care can help to recharge batteries while a loved one is getting dedicated care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our respite care is here for whenever you need it.